Backcountry Aviation, LLC is dedicated to providing the highest level of services to the recreational and utility users of the aviation backcountry. Whether you are looking for advice on gear or buying an airplane, our vast backcountry experience can assist you in your endeavor.

Our primary goal is to share our knowledge and passion for backcountry flying to other interested enthusiasts in order promote the safety, advocacy and sustainability of these operations.  To help achieve our goal, we are the liason for the Recreational Aviation Foundation in the state of Colorado and are actively engaged with the Colorado Recreational Aviation Committee.

Services We offer:

We provide consulting, new aircraft sales, used aircraft brokerage, seminars on operating in the backcountry, and limited flight training & operational advice.

We specialize in used aircraft brokerage for tube and fabric aircraft.


Photo Courtesy of Tim Romano


Backcountry Aviation was developed by Patrick Romano.  Patrick has accumulated over 7,000 hours of flight time.  He is licensed in everything from helicopters to gliders to business jets  with multiple type ratings and has over 3,500 hours of dual given.  He has combined these experiences to build a well rounded curriculum with a very professional approach to teaching his passion: advanced tailwheel operations.