Backcountry Operations

The thrill of landing “off-airport” in the backcountry is often what gets most people interested and hooked in this ‘sport’.  Add the accessibility to great fishing or camping spots and most people can’t get enough.  With that being said, there is a very real risk whenever you operate out of the backcountry.

To achieve success, you must make every effort to enhance and keep-up your skills in the following areas;

  • High Density Altitude Operations
  • Precision Attitude Flying
  • Stabilized Approaches
  • Spot Landings
  • Off Airport Terrain Evaluation
  • High, Mid, and Low Reconnaissance of Off Airport Landing Areas
  • Sloped Landings
  • One Way Committed Approaches
  • Confined Area Operations
  • Gravel Bar Landings
  • Mesa Top Landings
  • Tailwind Landings
  • Off Airport Taxing
  • Hydroplaning Theory
  • Survival Gear/Tactics

Once you master your technique(s), it will truly shift your perspective of what is “landable” in an airplane.