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Safety – safety should be the number one responsibility of ANY individual that goes into the backcountry.  We takes safety very seriously.  Inherent risk is increased in any type of advanced flying.  Mountain flying and off airport operations certainly fall under this category.  We strive to mitigate this risk by proactively teaching and stressing safety.

Understanding – understand the land you use.  It is very important to know your rights and understand the rights of the land you are using. We have reached out to land owners (both government and private) to promote our efforts and recommend all backcountry pilots do the same.

Responsibility – Be a responsible user of the backcountry.  Small things like packing out what you pack in are ways the keep the backcountry beautiful.  The best source for information on responsible recreation is

Educate – Educate others on proper backcountry usage so that all have the opportunity to enjoy it.