As a firm believer in conservative and safe flying, Backcountry Aviation has partnered with Spidertracks to bring the most advance aircraft tracking to the backcountry community. As a dealer for Spidertracks, we are committed to the idea of a swift rescue without a lengthy search. We carry various electronic tracking equipment on-board and also on an uncomfortable vest. However, in order to use any of those devices you have to be alert to use them. Spidertracks removes this necessity, letting a computer do the monitoring of safe flight. In addition to the SOS system, Spidertracks also allows us to send and receive textes, all while tracking our position in the wilderness.

About Spidertracks

Spidertracks is a crash-proof aircraft location technology that helps find people fast. The system actively watches over every flight, 24/7. The new Spider S3 tracking device in the aircraft sends position information via the Iridium satellite network continuously from take-off to landing, which is laid down as a track over topographical maps and accessed online.

Spidertracks’ latest aircraft safety system comprises the new Spider S3 and the Aviator website. It is the ideal aircraft emergency location system for light aircraft and GA pilots who love flying.

The S3 has been purpose-designed for light aircraft and can be moved between aircrafts, if required. Built around the Iridium 9602 SBD transceiver, the S3 is only 150g and fully portable. It has an internal antenna and is powered via the aircraft’s auxiliary power socket.

The easy access keypad allows pilots to send up for four pre-programmed text or email messages to nominated recipients via the Iridium satellite network. The system automatically turns on and watches over every flight. It takes just the press of one button to cancel Spiderwatch and pilots can manually activate SOS alerts in the event of an accident. Spidertracks will also automatically send text and email messages to friends and family when you take off and land.

The Aviator website includes an automatically-populating log-book, flight following and a social networking site where you can “follow” other pilots, share your flights with others, and join or create groups of like-minded pilots to share information and your love of flying – all online.

Spidertracks is the first to offer this unique combination of pilot-focused website and hardware specially designed for light aircraft.